Construction/Remodeling Services

Advanced Property Management not only manages properties, but we also provide property owners construction and remodel services as well. Our focus is to provide a cost effective construction and remodeling services that allows investors and property owners to drive high profit margins on their investment properties, but also to increase their property values over time. Do you own an investment property that needs remodeled or needs updates completed? Our highly skilled and diverse construction crews are able to assist with size project; large or small.

Current Projects

– 1009 Michael Road Cosmetic Remodel

– 1013 Laramie Porch Remodels and Main Floor Rental Unit Upgrade

FLIP/New Build

One of our missions as a company is to make our communities a better place to live. In real estate, there are always those 1 or 2 properties in a neighborhood that need “help”. Our solution is to buy these properties, remodel these properties, and sell them to a new owner that will take care of them. Do you know of any properties that fit this description?  If so, please call us today at 785-320-7977 so that we can continue to make our communities a better place!

Not only do we FLIP properties, we also build new residential homes, with the focus on cost effective starter homes for our community. Our communities are facing a rapid increase in starter home prices. Our company’s solution is to build new, cost effective starter homes that offer trendy finishing at a cost effective purchase price.

Current Projects

412 Moro Street

1739 Kings Road

Finished Projects

– 1845 Concord Lane Kitchen, Bathroom, and Deck Updates

– 329 Fordham  Retaining Wall Updates

– 417 Highland Ridge Deck and Privacy Fence Staining

– 610 Spruce Shower/Tub Remodel

– 730 Ridgewood Deck Remodel

Finished Projects