Happy tenants are often good tenants. But what does it take to make your tenants happy? The answer is probably not a whole lot. Here are some tips that will help you have happy tenants and a good relationship with them.

1. ) Clear cut guidelines. Often landlords forget to inform tenants of duties or guidelines. When these surprises are sprung on the tenants, it can lead to disagreements. Make sure that all of the guidelines and rules are clearly laid out in the rental contract, and thoroughly explained before the contract is signed. Examples include when the rent is due, what home maintenance the tenants are responsible for, what utilities the tenants are responsible for, etc.

2. ) Having a clean property. There’s no better way to start a new lease off on a bad note than for a tenant to move into a dirty rental property. Double check the property before the new tenants move in, and make sure that the place is clean.

3. ) Taking care of maintenance items in a timely manner. When something breaks in the rental home, it’s important to fix the problem in a timely manner. Tenants can become irritated if you leave the garbage disposal broken for a week or two.

4. )  Good communication. The most important part of having a great relationship with your tenants and is to communicate well and often with them. If your tenants have an issue, make yourself easy to get a hold of. If you are planning on going to the property to perform maintenance or show the property, make sure you give your tenants proper notice. Take care of any problems that arise quickly, and be sure to explain things to your tenants so that they understand.

Overall, with great communication and attention to your tenants, you will likely have a good relationship and few problems!