Cheap! Most people are trying to save money any way they can, and often look for the lowest priced foods they can find.

Are we advocating that you start looking for the most expensive food you can find? Of course not! You should, however, be concerned about WHAT you are putting into your body, and not just the price tag on the label. Just yesterday I ran across this article talking about how Coke is removing a “flame retardant” chemical from some of their drinks.

A flame retardant chemical?! Although it would be nice if my skin was flame retardant, I don’t guess that my insides need to be. I’m sure that Coke products are safe to drink, and that the chemical consumed in small doses won’t hurt you too much, but it can’t be healthy for you in the slightest.

So what ARE we trying to advocate in this blog post? First, take a look at everything you are putting into your body for one week. Check out the ingredients on your packages, and see what they are. If you’re unfamiliar with an ingredient, look it up online. I’ve heard many people say “if you can’t pronounce it, you shouldn’t be eating it.” While this isn’t probably 100% true, many of the inexpensive food items at the grocery store contain several artificial ingredients that are questionable on how good of nutrition they provide your body.

What can you do to spend as little on groceries as possible, and still ingest healthy food? For starters, cut down or eliminate eating out or frozen meals. Not only are they mostly bad for you, but they are expensive too. Instead make a large, healthy meal that will provide you with leftovers. You may spend $25 making a meal, but if you can get 4 or 5 meals out of it, the cost per meal is less than what you would pay for already prepared or frozen meals.

Make fruits and vegetables a large part of your diet. Produce can be expensive, but if you buy the uncut, uncleaned versions, it will last you several meals. In addition, you will be getting nutrition in your body that it needs. Finally, drinking plenty of water not only helps your digestive system, but also fills your stomach which makes you require less food. Less food = less money!

Take the time to look at what you’re eating, and consider removing unhealthy products from your diet. You can eat just as cheaply, all the while nourishing your body.