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What makes your rental property stand out?

There are likely several other properties for rent in your neighborhood, possibly even homes with the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms as yours. So when you’re renting out your home, how do you make it stand out above the rest of the available rentals?

1. Spreading the word. Sometimes it’s all about spreading the word about your rental more quickly and over a broader area than your competitors. Use all available marketing resources you can, a “for rent sign” in the yard, online advertising, print advertising and word of mouth. Also, consider using a property manager (wink wink), as good property mangers can usually reach far more people than you can on your own!

2. Point out the differences. Do you include trash, water or other utilities in your monthly rental price? Is your yard fenced in? Does your ¬†backyard have a deck? Do you allow pets? Does your rental have a fireplace? Often it’s the small details that lead tenants to choose one home over another. Don’t forget to mention any details that may help sway your potential tenants.

3. Condition is everything. Don’t let your rental home be the difference in a bad way. When you show your rental home to potential tenants, make sure everything is up to a high standard; clean rooms, clean walls, no broken items, etc.

4. Be prepared and professional. When the potential tenants sit down with you to go over the rental agreement, make sure you’re prepared with all the necessary documents. The entire rental process should be explained in an easy to understand way. If you look unorganized or unprofessional, it may turn away your potential tenants. Again, this is where a property manager can help!

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