tidy home

When renting a home or apartment, one of the biggest struggles is making it feel like your home without permanently altering the space. Lucky for you, there are many temporary decorating solutions that can make your home feel like your home. Spring is the perfect time for a new look!


1) Walls – ‘vinyl wall stickers’ are easily placed, readjusted and moved without any paint being removed or damage to the walls. They come up and down so easily that the application is a breeze! Create the look of wall paper with vinyl, or simply put a sweet saying above your bed. The options are endless, and these type of ‘stickers’ can be purchased online at Etsy.com, Menard’s, Home Depot, Target, Walmart and more. Try searching online for the right look for your home. Adding pictures to your walls is an instant fix as well. Pictures from your wedding, of your family and friends, or even of your pet will make you feel right at home! Another quick fix is wall art. It doesn’t need to be expensive; even art purchased from Hobby Lobby or Target will add some texture and dimension to your walls. Nail holes are easily removed and repaired when moving. Another option without using nails and zero damage to your walls are Command strips!


2) Dividing spaces – Those who own or rent their home use the trick of furniture to separate spaces. Couches, bookshelves and actual ‘room dividers’ all help to divide up spaces such as, kitchen from living room, or entryway.


3) Throw pillows – Can’t say enough about throw pillows! Want a quick decor change from winter to spring? Add some bright-colored, fun patterned pillows and you’ll be shocked at the transformation.


4) Floors – Often times when you rent (or even own!) a space, you may not have the your ideal flooring. Area rugs are your new best friend. Rugs USA has a huge selection of rugs in sizes, colors and patterns at reasonable prices. Don’t be afraid to place an area rug on a carpet either. It add warmth and coziness to a space.


5) Couch covers – Not ready or able to purchase a new couch? It’s a big investment! Try purchasing a new couch cover and it will feel like a whole new couch.


Happy decorating this spring!