clean dryer vent

Did you spring clean this year?  If you did, excellent job! However, there still may be some summer cleaning and maintenance for you do to that you didn’t get done in the spring, or simply didn’t think of.  Here’s a list of household chores that you should take care of soon:

  1. Cleaning out dryer vent.  Millions of dollars in damage occur every year from homes catching on fire because of clogged dryer vents. It’s already hot in the summer, so there’s no need to give your dryer even more of a reason to catch on fire.  Make sure thoroughly clean out your dryer vent periodically, by removing the dryer hose and getting all the lent out of the vent and trap.
  2. Replacing your A/C filter.  Your air conditioner works hard all summer, so it’s important to put in a new filter before the hot season begins to keep your A/C clean and free of dirt and particles.  It will make your A/C and furnace unit last much longer!
  3. Spray for pests. It’s warm, and pests are out.  They love to crawl inside your home and make themselves comfortable.  It’s a good idea to get your home sprayed for pests, to keep all the little critters out!
  4. Clean out your gutters. Keeping your gutters can prevent major water buildup in and around your home. The rainy season is here, and the more time you waste not cleaning your gutters out, the more likely you are to have water problems during the next storm.
  5. Seal up leaky doors and windows. Leaky doors and windows let the cool air out of your house, and lets the warm air and moister in.  Seal up leaks to save on your energy bills!