The countdown for spring is on; 16 days and counting! Given our recent snow in Kansas and many other states, it’s difficult to begin your spring cleaning and other projects this early. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start prepping.


Spring cleaning list This thorough spring cleaning list from Martha Stewart will make sure you don’t miss a thing! Begin looking it over, plan reasonable a start date and how many tasks you aim to accomplish each day. Also begin stocking up on additional cleaning items you may need, especially if they go on sale!


Garden – If you don’t already have a garden, consider starting up a small one this spring! Research the flowers and vegetables you are interested in, find a spot in your yard, and begin purchasing the supplies you’ll need. When springs rolls around, you’ll happily be planting your own vegetables and flowers. If flowers don’t scream spring, then what does?!


Outdoor changes – Wanting to put in a patio? Purchase new patio furniture? Get new windows? Start planning ahead before the busy season of spring starts! Contact vendors for quotes on work that needs to be done, or begin sourcing pricing at your local hardware store!


Get your family involved – Create a spring cleaning chore chart with your kids, and reward prizes! Go shopping for new patio furniture or patio stone with your spouse. Schedule your pooch’s spring haircut!


Spring is coming, and we can all feel it. Starting the prep early will get you excited for the warm weather, and save you time and energy later on!