spoil your house guests with nice bedding

With the holidays soon approaching, and football season in full swing, you may notice an increase in guests at your house. Make them feel comfortable by investing in these eight small touches!

1. Quality bedding. Making guests comfortable starts with ensuring they get a good night’s rest. It’s difficult to accommodate everyone’s sleep preferences, but do your best! Try a bedding set from a department store, or a duvet with a comforter for cold nights. Have two firm pillows and two soft pillows, since it’s impossible to know what each guest prefers. Make sure to point out where extra bedding is stored in their room, should they get cold at night!
2. Bathroom supplies. Forgetting your toothbrush or razor is pretty common, and inconvenient for your house guests. Keep a basket stocked of the necessities in your bathroom for your guests, such as soap, shampoo and conditioner, razor, deodorant, toothbrushes and toothpaste, extra washcloths, and don’t forget extra toilet paper!
3. Alarm clock. Such an important one, but often forgotten in a guest room. Have you ever been to a hotel that doesn’t have an alarm clock? No, never. Although nearly everyone has smart phones with a clock and an alarm, it’s still thoughtful to have an alarm clock in the room for guests that have to get up early and be somewhere!
4. Lighting. It’s nice to have a bedside lamp in the guest room, for those late-nighters who want to read or work on their laptop.
5. Snacks. Guest often don’t want to go picking through your pantry (at least most don’t!). So make sure to have a small basket of snacks on hand for them, both healthy and some not so healthy. A few water bottles too!
6. Closet space. Make sure you have a nearly empty closet for guests to hang their clothes, and a place to put their luggage.
7. Although not necessary, fresh flowers make a nice touch, and always make guests feel welcome!
8. Breakfast. Make sure to offer your guests tea or coffee in the mornings. Have cream and sugar on hand too! No need to make a four-course brunch. A small breakfast will keep your house guest energized throughout the morning, and will definitely be appreciated!