Severe weather season is upon us in the Midwest! While we have been fortunate to escape the bad weather so far, we still have several weeks to go before the danger is over. Prepare your family in the case of a severe weather emergency with these tips:

1. Have a plan. Your entire family should know what to do in case of a tornado or other severe weather incident. The safest place to be in your home during a tornado is on the lowest level, in an interior room with no windows. If you have children, run through a practice scenario with them so that they are educated.

2. Make an emergency kit. If an emergency did happen, you will want to have an emergency kit that contains essentials to survive. This can include items such as first aid items, several days of prescription drugs, water, flashlight, emergency blanket, etc. Keep this kit in a safe, easily accessible place in case you should need to retrieve it after a disaster.

3. Stay indoors during lightning storms. Although you may think a storm is a safe distance away, lightning can strike a great distance away. A good rule to go by is if you can hear thunder, you shouldn’t be outdoors.

4. Stay updated on weather information. Most tragic weather accidents are the result of carelessness. Before you head out, check the weather to make sure their is not severe weather in your area. In addition, check the weather forecast daily to know if severe weather is likely in your area that day or not.

For more information on weather safety, visit the National Weather Services weather safety tips page.