I Heart Organizing, blogger Jen Jones, shares how to save on purchases for the home. Here’s a short recap of her saving tips, but read the full article on her popular blog here: http://iheartorganizing.blogspot.com/2014/06/how-we-save-on-purchases-for-home.html.

Wait for holidays // It seems that big retailers often have their best sales and deals around the holidays, such as Labor Day, Memorial Day and President’s Day. Black Friday is obviously also a great day to save. (If you can get up early enough! If not, try online sales.) Save throughout the year and keep a small ‘Black Friday fund’ for home purchases. Peruse the ads and make a plan two days in advance.

Purchase refurbished // Consider purchasing refurbished electronics from a trusted source, such a refurbished laptop from Apple. Sticking with brands you know, online reviews and looking for “factory certified refurbished” items are helpful tools when searching for a trusted source!

Poach it // Poach it helps watch the coupon codes and prices of your wish list items. Let Poach it do the work and keep an eye on an item you’ve been waiting to go on sale!

Ebates // Free service that offers cash back, sales and coupons on your online purchases!

Retail me Not // Online coupon code site. Search for your favorite retailers’ current available coupon codes and save!

Even more tools and tricks for saving on home purchases, organizing and more can be found on I Heart Organizing!