It’s April 8th, and spring has sprung! How is the exterior of your rental property looking? Now is the time to get it in shape, especially if it’s coming up for lease again. Here’s a checklist of things to work on:

1. Fertilize the grass. You lawn should be fertilized twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. This will keep your grass green longer, as well as allow it to grow in thicker.

2. Clear the leaves. Didn’t get around to clearing the leaves out of your flower beds and bushes last fall? This can make your yard look bad, which can turn off potential tenants. Also, don’t forget to clear the leaves out of your gutters as well, to prevent water damage to your home.

3. Give the yard a small facelift. It’s hard to get tenants to take care your yard when they rent your property, but planting easy to maintain bushes or plants will give your yard appeal. Also, consider planting a couple small flower pots by the front door. These are easy to water, and add  a little extra visual feature to your property.

4. Repair your fence. If there are loose boards or screws in your fence, repair them before it gets bad. Not only will your fence look better, but it will give extra security to potential tenants who have young kids or animals that will be in the yard.

5. Maintain your deck. If the deck on your rental property looks bad, consider re-staining and re-sealing it.

For more tips on preparing the exterior of your rental property, give us a call at 785-320-7977.