The terms ‘property manager’ and ‘landlord’ often bring a negative connotation with them. Why is that? There are several reasons, but most often it’s because property managers fail to be attentive to their tenants or homeowners. The overall standard for property management has improved over the past few years, but here at Advanced Property Management we aren’t looking to just be the standard. We want to be the leaders in property management!

So if your a tenant and are looking for a place to rent, why would you want to rent from us? For starters, we try our very best to offer the cleanest rentals possible. That means that when you move into your new place, it will be clean and ready to go! We have also received many compliments on having our properties “move in ready”. We always strive to fix any maintenance issues before you move in, so that the place is ready to go when you are. Should we have overlooked or not known about an issues after you move in, we invite all of our new tenants to submit a maintenance request sheet the very first week so that we can handle it.

Most importantly though, we have great communication with our tenants. We are here when you need us, and stay out of your way when you don’t!

So if you’re looking for a place to live or are tired of your property manager, give us a call and we can explain in more detail how we are Advancing the standards of property management!