frozen thermometer

We’re currently experiencing frigid cold temperatures in Kansas. Vacation time, anyone? Take precautionary measures now to save yourself from costly home repairs and keep your family and pets safe.

1. Keep the heat in your home set to 65 degrees minimum. Any lower and you will not keep the inside the walls and your pipes (which is much colder) from freezing.
2. Insulate! Use insulation to wrap around any exposed pipes, or protect un-heated areas such as your attic, crawl spaces or laundry room.
3. Let one faucet drip slowly with cold water. Seems silly, but if water is moving it is less likely to freeze.
4. Find the main water shutoff in your house, just in case you main need to use it.
5. If you haven’t yet, unhook hoses outside.
6. Have plenty of blankets for you, your loved ones and pets to snuggle up with when the temperatures drop.
7. Don’t leave your dog outside. Just don’t do it! A few minutes for them to do their business and frolic around, then it’s back outside.
8. If your pipes do burst, turn off the water first. Then clean up any water and call your plumber.
9. Consider purchasing an electric heater. It can warm up your house without your furnace over doing it.
10. Keep your garage door closed, and keep the heat in.
11. Remove snow from around your gas meter.

12. Don’t use the oven to heat your house. Common knowledge, but just a reminder!