Every month your property sits vacant, you’re losing money? So what’s the secret to making sure that your property rents, even when there are a dozen other rentals on the market similar to yours?

If you are using a good property management company, they should be able to help inspect your home and see things that need fixed or changed before it will rent. Here are some of the most common problems we see when properties aren’t renting.

1. Cleanliness. Overall, above any other factor, cleanliness will often make or break the deal. Of course if you currently have tenants living in the property it may be harder to have it perfectly clean for showings. However, if you have a vacant property, it needs to be spotless! Potential tenants take not of the cleanliness as they view it, and from there make an impression in their mind of the type of landlord you will be.

Is your property dirty? The tenant will likely make an impression in their mind that you’re the type of landlord that doesn’t care about their rental, or about their tenants, and that you may be slow in fixing problems when they arise. All because your rental is dirty!

Take time to do extra cleaning that no one else would do, such as cleaning out your dishwasher thoroughly (10 tips to help your dishwasher run better)! Then, when you’re showing your property, you can tell your potential tenants that you go above and beyond what is normal, to make sure that the rental is in the best shape possible. People take that extra effort into consideration when making a decision!

2. Move-in ready. We are heavily focused at Advanced on our properties being move-in ready. That means that all painting and cleaning has been done. It also means that everything in the rental is in working condition. Take the time to fix any small problems correctly, from door hinges to leaking windows to a broken garbage disposal. No one wants to move into a property where something doesn’t work!

3. Uniqueness. Your rental is now clean, but there are probably other properties on the market that are clean as well? What else can you do to make your rental appeal to prospective tenants? Try adding some uniqueness to your property, or show off what is unique about your property. For example, paint some of your walls a different color than white; possibly the bedrooms. We don’t advise going to neon green, but a different, soft, neutral color such as a light gray might give your rental a little bit of character that your competitors don’t have!

If you have a layout feature or other area of focus in your rental that most other rentals don’t have, find a way to draw attention to it during your showings. Maybe it’s an extra closet or a fireplace. Use it to your advantage to help sell your space.

Later this week we will post our second part to whey your property isn’t renting. If you need help getting your property rented, give us a call at (785) 320.7977!