There’s a significant chance of thunderstorms and even severe weather today and tomorrow throughout Northeast Kansas. While most people don’t give that forecast much thought, it’s a good idea to prepare your home and prevent damage.

1. Drainage. Poor drainage from your gutters or away from your house can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Ensure your gutters are clear, your downspouts are installed correctly and that the water can easily drain away from your house.

2. Bring personal belongings inside. Heavy rains or severe storms can ruin your personal belongings that are left outside. Pick up your yard and put your lawn furniture in a place where it won’t blow away or get rained on.

3. Leaks. Do you know about a leak in your home? It may be too late to get it fixed before it storms this week, but you CAN check that all of your windows and doors latch properly, to prevent other water from leaking into your home. If your roof is leaking, be sure to have a bucket in the attic to catch the water, so as to not do damage to your ceilings.

4. Clear a path in your garage. Do you have a garage, but it’s too full of stuff that you can’t fit a vehicle in it? Clear a path for your vehicle, in case of hail.