Being able to spend time outdoors at your home is something that most people look forward to. When you’re renting a home, you want to have the amenities that make spending time outdoors enjoyable. So for property owners, what outdoor amenities are most desirable by tenants?

1. Fenced in yard. This is the most common “searched for” type of outdoor amenity, especially if your tenants have pets. It’s also nice to have a fenced in yard, so that you don’t have to worry about small children wandering out into the street. A privacy fence is an added bonus on top!

2. Deck/patio. Not all rental homes have decks and patios, so when a tenant find one that does, they consider it an extra perk. Have a deck or patio for your tenants to relax on can help “close the deal”.

3. Storage. Storage is a biggie, especially if the house is too small for the family. It’s nice to have extra space to keep lawn mowers, bicycles and rarely used items.

4. Trees. Shade is a necessity during the dog days of summer, and having a big tree or two in your yard to help is much appreciated. Of course if your yard doesn’t currently have them, it will take a while for them to grow!

5. Underground irrigation systems. Not having to manually water the lawn is a big plus for potential tenants, but underground irrigation is certainly a luxury. Although it is definitely not expected, if you already have it, use it to your advantage to help get your home rented.

6. Nice landscaping. Rental homes don’t often have nice landscaping, simply because it is up to the tenants to maintain. However, if you have a few “low maintenance” landscaping items in the yard, it may make a good impression on potential tenants who love gardening and the outdoors.