Today is the last day of April! You know what that means, don’t you?

Yes, besides that you forgot to file your taxes, your lease ends at the end of May! Are you prepared to move? June 1st is a common leasing period for rental properties, especially in a college town. Therefore, it can get a little crazy the last week of May with everyone moving out at the same time. Take note of this, and start preparing now to avoid complications.

1. Reserve a moving vehicle. Moving trucks may be hard to come by later this month. Take the early step by reserving your moving vehicle now.

2. Start packing. You would be surprised how long it will take you to pack up your belongings, even if you don’t have very much. You can purchase boxes and packing materials at most hardware stores, or often time you can get free boxes by going to your local grocery store and asking them for extras.

3. Cancel your utilities. Don’t forget to call your utility companies ahead of time, and cancel or transfer your services. You don’t want to be paying for utilities while you’re not living there.

4. Forward your mail. This is a big one most people forget. You move, and suddenly you realize that you’re not receiving mail anymore! That’s a hard train to back up!

5. Allow time for cleaning. The biggest reason people lose some or all of their deposit money is that they don’t do a good job of cleaning. Once you have all of your belongings moved out of your rental, take sufficient time to clean your whole place, from top to bottom.