If you’re renting a home with a small amount of square footage, you probably feel like you don’t have anywhere to store things! Your living room or bedroom may even be cluttered, and you likely can’t open your closets without causing an avalanche. What can you do about this problem?

What you need to do is utilize the space that you do have to it’s maximum potential. Here’s a few tips on how to do just that.

1.) Organize. It’s amazing how much space you can actually save if you just organize what you have. Store like items together, and be sure to store them so that they take up the least amount of space as possible. Take not where you store some items as well; it could be that you have items that can be stored in your garage or outside shed if they don’t get used often.

2.) Utilize shelves and organizers. Shelves, bins, boxes and other organizational storage units can be utilized to store things neatly and keep them out of site. Shelves especially let you store ‘vertically’, leaving more floor space!

3.) Don’t overstuff your home with furniture. I’ve seen tiny living rooms where people have crammed two couches, two recliners, a coffee table, an entertainment center and a bar stool for people to sit on. While it does create enough seating for everyone, it’s probably not necessary to have that much furniture in one room. Strip down to the bare minimum that you need, and bring in extra chairs when you have company over. This will free up an enormous amount of space!

The same goes for your bedroom. Don’t try to stuff a King size bed and two nightstands into a 10 x 10 room. Limit your bedroom furniture, such as your dresser if you can fit all of your clothes in the closet.

4.) Get rid of unused items. Go through everything in your home from clothes to furniture to books and anything else that takes up room. Ask yourself “will I actually use this item within the next year?” If not, sell it, donate it or throw it away. The biggest reason for clutter in a home is that people are too reluctant to get rid of things that they no longer need. Ever seen the TV show ‘Hoarders’? Don’t be that person! I’m not suggesting that you throw away good items, because buying new things is expensive. However, you’ll be surprised at what you haven’t used for more than a year!

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