Cozy Living Room

If you’re renting a home and/or are moving around a lot, it’s sometimes hard to really get settled in to your rental home. Just about the time that your rental home is starting to feel cozy, it’s time to pack up and move again!

Here’s a few tips that will help you feel at home in your rental right away:

  1. Unpack everything. Resist the urge to leave a few boxes still packed in the corner. Unpack everything! You’ll instantly feel more at home when surrounded by your personal items. If you notice you’re neglecting unpacking certain boxes, consider throwing those items away. Whatever you don’t need or want in your new rental, trash it!
  2. Sentimental pieces. Add pictures of family and friends, quotes, artwork, wedding photos, etc., that are meaningful to you to the walls of your home.
  3. Clean. Although your rental should be thoroughly cleaned when you move in, you’ll feel much better after you give it an extra scrubbing. Use sanitizing wipes to wipe down door knobs, handles and light switches. A clean home is a comfortable home!
  4. Tools. If you don’t already own a toolbox, invest in one. You’ll need it often when hanging pictures, shelves and more. It’s something you will use and hold on to for a lifetime if you take care of it.
  5. Make an investment in quality furniture. Since you’re renting, your first thought may be to purchase cheap and not quality furniture, especially if you’re renting for a short time. Reconsider purchasing quality furniture. You will take that furniture with to your permanent home, and you’ll feel cozy and settled for the time being.
  6. Lamp lighting. Your rental may not have a lot of natural light, which can leave you feeling deflated, especially in the winter. Overhead lighting can be harsh and irritating. Lamps are the perfect solution! They make a space feel more intimate and cozy.
  7. Make it smell good! Scents can make a huge impact on your surroundings. Purchase a candle or a Scentsy with a scent that you really enjoy. Scents such as clean linen in the living room, and lemon in the kitchen will make you feel right at home.
  8. Curtains and rugs. Curtains and rugs are miracle workers. Curtains and rugs that are colorful with fun patterns can totally change and transform a space. Try it out!
  9. Mirrors. Mirrors make spaces appear much larger.
  10. Plants and flowers. Plants and flowers are good for the soul! Whether they are real or synthetic, plants and flowers brighten up any space.