IHeart Organizing is a popular blog that contains a plethora (yes, plethora!) of organizing tips, home decoration tips and advice on just simplifying and organizing life in general. Jen, the writer of the blog, is constantly coming up with new and better ideas, and even has awesome contributors to bring in their own unique perspective.

Holidays are a joyful time with family, but they can also be very stressful. Getting everything organized in one place can sure make your job easier. If you have never contemplated starting a holiday binder, this blog post by IHeart Organizing will likely change your mind. She has compiled free printables for your holiday calendar, to do list, gift planning, party planning, contact list, travel checklist, recipe card templates and notes. Jen even explains how she put together her binder (tons of beautiful pictures too!) and how to best use them all together to create a stress-free, enjoyable and organized holiday season!

Happy holiday planning to all!