If you know you’re going to be renting your home within the next the next year, think hard about how much work you put into your yard before hand! If you plant beautiful flower beds and install elaborate landscaping, you may be wasting your money.

When you are renting your home in the future, it’s likely that your tenants won’t want to take care of your well manicured yard. It is a lot of work for your tenant, and you’d likely be wasting all of your money and energy by landscaping your yard. Instead, consider these options:

  1. Hire someone to maintain your yard. If you REALLY want the nice landscaping in your yard, hire someone to take care of your yard while you’re renting your house. If you have easy watering systems for your lawn and plants, you can probably maintain your yard by hiring someone or a landscaping company to take care of it. ¬†Then when you return to live in your home again, you will still have your beautiful yard.
  2. Landscape your yard so that it’s easy to maintain. Plant bushes and grass that are drought resistant, and don’t need much care. Your tenants will be more likely to maintain your low maintenance yard, and you can do more elaborate landscaping when you move back into your home. It’s also a good idea to leave your tenants with specific instructions on how to maintain your yard; how often to mow, how often to water and whether or not they need to fertilize or spray for weeds. It may be more convenient and more reliable to hire someone to fertilize the yard and spray weeds a couple of times throughout the year.

Don’t waste your money and hard work on a well manicured yard only to have it die when tenants move in. Consider your other options, and decide which one is best for you.