muddy dog

Dogs are lovable, fun members of the family.  They can also be extremely messy!  If you own a dog, you know that they can make your home a mess quickly.  Here are a few tips to help keep your home clean with a dog living in it:

  1. Wipe those paws.  Every time you let your dog out, they search every inch of the ground for mud.  If there’s even the smallest amount of mud, you can be sure that your dog will find it.  Keep a towel by the door that your dog goes out of, and wipe off their paws well when they come back in. Doing so will likely save you time vacuuming or scrubbing your floors, walls and anything else your pet puts their muddy paws on.
  2. Pick up pet waste.  Has your dog ever come inside smelling foul?  Probably so.  If you keep your dog’s waste picked up from the yard, the less likely it is that they will roll around and step in it.  Trust us, it’s no fun cleaning up after a smelly dog runs around the house rubbing on everything.
  3. Vacuum upholstery & carpet often.  Vacuuming your upholstery often will keep your furniture smelling fresh and looking clean, especially if your dog sheds.  Even if your dog doesn’t shed, they still carry an enormous amount of dirt around in their fur that soils your furniture quickly.  Same goes for your carpet; keeping it clean will make it last longer and make your house smell fresher.
  4. Get a toy box.  Dogs like to drag out every single toy they have and scatter them around the house.  Putting all your dog’s toys in one box and keeping them picked up will help keep your house from looking messy, and possible prevent you from stepping on one of the toys!  You can even train your dog to put the toys back in the box if you’re feeling ambitious!
  5. What goes outside, stays outside. Any toys or objects that you let your dog stay outside should stay outside. Keep their inside and outside toys separate, so that your dog isn’t carrying dirty toys all around your home.
  6. Give you dog baths frequently.  This may seem like an obvious way to keep your home cleaner, but it’s easy to get lazy and not want to bathe your dog!  Be careful not to over-bathe your dog though, as it can damage their fur or skin.  Consult your veterinarian about bathing frequency.
  7. Keep your pets bed/food in a concealed area.  Putting your dog’s bed and food in a concealed area of your home will make your home look cleaner and less cluttered.  Dogs are often messy eaters as well, do putting their food on a hard surface is a good idea; it makes it much easier to clean up messes.
  8. Use flea and tick prevention.  Make sure to use flea and tick prevention on your pet, to prevent them from bringing those pests in the house!  During the warm months, it’s also a good idea to regularly check your dog for fleas and ticks. If you notice your dog itching a lot, consult your veterinarian.

If you have other ways of keeping your home clean with a dog, we’d love to hear them!  Write us a comment or email