Keeping your property and family safe is likely high on your priority list. Whether it’s your grill, bicycle, car or home, you should take the necessary precautions to protect them. Here’s some tips to help you:

Bicycles and grills. If you leave any personal property outside, chain it to a sturdy tree or fence. Thieves can still use bolt cutters to steal your property, but it should deter most criminals. In addition, when you’re grilling, keep your grill more than 3 feet away from the house, so as to not damage the side of your home.

Keep pests out. Keeping your yard and home safe means more than just preventing burglary. Animals and pests can wreak havoc on your yard and home. To keep them away, don’t leave your trash sitting right next to your house, as it is a magnet for pests.

Tree limbs. Tree limbs near power lines or hanging over your home are dangerous. If the branches happen to fall down, it can cause serious damage to your home or even danger to your family. Get them trimmed as soon as possible, especially with the ice storms of winter approaching.

Vehicles. Leaving your vehicle parked in the street makes it much more likely to be broken into. You should keep your vehicle parked in your garage or driveway, and put up lights on the outside of your house if you don’t have any. Also, don’t leave any valuable possessions in your vehicle.

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