Keeping your house clean in the winter is a real pain. Especially if you live in states where snow piles up, and gets in your home. These steps will help make your spring cleaning much lighter, if you simply clean throughout the winter months.

Have your family leave their shoes at the door. Don’t have snow, water and mud tracked through the house. A boot tray or mat also helps to soak up the water.
Encourage your family to wash their hands often, as winter is cold and flu season. Especially when returning home, before eating and cooking, after cleaning, after touching raw meat, after using the restroom, after touching others and after touching pets. Use hand sanitizer when on the go.
Wipe pets when they come inside. Keep a towel by the door to catch them before they run throughout the house.
Vacuum carpets and clean hardwood floors often. The more buildup of dirt, the longer it will take to clean. Cleaning floors regularly makes it easier every time.
Blankets, jackets, scarves and gloves are all worn regularly. Washing them regularly is a must!
Use a disinfectant on door handles, phones, computer keyboards, light switches. All of the regularly touched areas, make sure to clean off for germs.
Clean your mattress. Did you know it’s smart to clean your mattresses twice a year? Winter is a great time to do so. Vacuum the top, and flip it over and vacuum the other side as well.

Here’s to a happy and healthy winter, and hoping spring comes soon!