Ever get your gas bill at the end of the month and have your jaw drop when you see the amount? I have. Heating your home can be expensive. Let us show you a few ways to save money by keeping your house warm without running your furnace as much.

1.) Wood burning fireplace. If you have a wood burning fireplace in your house and have access to cheap or free wood, use it! Sure it can be a pain to keep the fire going all day long, but it can save you a fortune!

2.) Your oven is your best friend. After you get done cooking your evening meal in your oven, leave the oven door open as it cools down. This will let the heat out into your home!

3.) Natural heat. What produces natural heat? Of course, the sun! During the sunny winter days open your windows and let that sunlight shine through. Even if it’s cold outside, it will still magnify through your glass and produce a little warmth.

4.) Keep those doors shut. If you have a glass door and a solid door on the front of your house make sure both are closed. Leaving the solid door open with only the glass door shut allows heat to escape through the cracks.

5.) Close unneeded vents. Check your garage and other areas of your home that aren’t used often or don’t need to be heated, and make sure the vents in those areas are closed. This will put all of the heat from your furnace to the areas where you do need it.