cluttered couch, cleaning your home

Unexpected company can cause a panic attack when you house is a wreck. But there a few quick cleaning tricks to make your house appear cleaner than it actually is!

1. Clutter. This one is pretty obvious, but stash clutter. Do so in a way that it doesn’t cause you more work later on though. Don’t stash 5 piles of junk in five different places. Instead, take a laundry basket around the living room and kitchen, and hide away any unwanted clutter. When guests leave, or the next day, take the basket out and put everything away. Unless it was really junk to begin with, then trash it!
2. Wipe down the bathroom. Nothing is more embarrassing than company needing to use your restroom and it’s in an icky state. Use an antibacterial wipe and quickly wipe down the sink top and toilet. Just one wipe, and you’re good to go! Don’t forget to put out a new hand towel!
3. Stage your home. Fluff the cushions and pillows on the couch, and drape a colorful throw over the side. Light a candle. Lay your photo albums or weddings albums out. If you happen to have cookies or something small to snack on, put a plate out for your guests.
4. Hair and dust be gone. Even a clean home looks messy with pet hair and dust everywhere. Use a lint roller over the couch and chairs. Wipe down the TV and end tables with a dust cloth.
5. Don’t forget the kitchen! Although you’ll likely spend your time with company in the living room, it’s important to remember the kitchen. Take out the trash in the kitchen to eliminate any odor. Use an antibacterial wipe to quickly wipe down the counter tops to get rid of any crumbs from dinner.