To be a good property manager, you must be able to communicate well with the property owners.  It’s important to keep your property owners up to date on every situation that occurs at their property, so that there are no “surprises” down the road.

  1. Maintenance Issues.  One of the most common issues that arise at a rental property is maintenance issues.  Generally, unless it is the fault of the tenants, a maintenance issues are paid for by the property owner.  When a maintenance issue arises, you should first make the property owner aware of the issue right away, giving them details about cost and time frame for fixing the issue.  Many property owners also like to know when the issue has been resolved, so a courtesy  call on completion is a good idea as well.
  2. Turnover.  When you have turnover at the rental property, a good property manager will notify the property owner to let them know.  Move-out dates, inspection results and marketing efforts are all details that the owner will appreciate being informed about. In this transition period, it’s also important to keep your owners educated on what the rental market is like in their area and what updates or improvements they should do in order to keep the property rented at a certain value.
  3. Other Issues. Problems with tenants can arise and escalate quickly, such as failure to pay rent, nuisances and other issues.  Keeping your property owners informed will give them piece of mind, and likely keep them from getting involved, which makes the job of the property manager easier!

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