Let’s face it, Winter is generally not a great time of the year to get your home rented, especially around Manhattan, KS. That doesn’t mean though that no one is looking for a place to rent right now! So how do you go about getting YOUR home rented during the off-season when there are dozens of other homes on the market too?

1.) Minor repairs. With a limited amount of potential tenants available, your property will need to make the BEST possible impression when those possible tenants take a tour of your home. Make sure that all minor repairs have been done ahead of time, that way the possible tenants will know that they are moving into a problem-free home.

2.) Fresh paint. It doesn’t hurt to put a fresh coat of paint on those walls, especially if the color is not neutral. Painting the walls makes the home look fresh, and neutral colors will not deter any possible tenants.

3.) Hire a property manager. Of course this seems biased, but property mangers have a great marketing network to help you get your home rented out! Make sure if you work with a property manger though that you inform them ahead of time of all that needs to be done to your property before renting it. If you’re unsure what needs to be done, a good property manger can help out with that as well!

4.) Pricing. Be realistic about price point when you’re determining how to advertise your property. It is the off-season, so consider giving a discount on the first month or two of rent. Do your research on what other homes in the area have been renting for. If you need helpcoming up with a price point, a good property manager can help you with that as well!

5.) Follow the 3 C’s of renting: Cleanliness,¬†Cleanliness,¬†Cleanliness. This is BY FAR, the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do to help get your property rented during the off-season. When someone views you property, you only get ONE shot! Make sure your place is spotless. Clean surfaces, clean floors, clean carpets, clean mirrors, smells good, clean walls. Everything needs to be clean.

This includes the yard as well! Get out there and rake those leaves, and don’t forget to pick up the pet waste outside so it’s not smelling. If your home is clean on the inside and outside, you have already put yourself above 90% of the competition. You’ll be way more likely to get your home rented, even during the off-season.

If you want more tips for getting your home rented during the winter, give us a call at 785.320.7977.