An unorganized and dirty office equals clutter, literally all around you and in your head. A clean office space makes for a clean and clear mind. Especially if you find yourself having difficulty focusing on work because you can’t find your lucky pen, or your folder, these tips are for you!

1) Deep clean your desk. For many of you, this may be the first time you’ve actually looked at your desk in months! First, trash or recycle old files, papers and post-its. Wipe down your desk, phone, computer and pens with sanitizing wipes. Throw away pens that no longer work, recycle old newspapers and/or magazines, trash broken office equipment, and recycle old and unnecessary documents. 

2) Create a system that works for you. One of the most difficult tasks, but definitely one of the most helpful in the long run is creating a system that works for you. It can involve a variety of options, such as:

-Create a physical inbox, where new mail, important and new projects and to-do lists land

-File rack for current projects. If you like or are required to work with numerous files, a file rack that makes all of your files easy to see and access at once, might work well for you!

-Trash bin and/or recycling bin. We all need a trash bin! You should consider having a recycle bin as well, as business involves a lot of paper and discarded caffeine cans and bottles!

-Filing cabinet. Oldie, but a goodie. An organized file cabinet is a great solution for those with files upon files.

Binders. Binders are a great options with those who balance multiple clients at one time. Each client gets a binder, and ensures easy organization!

After you have a system, begin putting it into place. As new work comes in, place it in the inbox, and within a couple of days take it out of the inbox and place work in a file, filing cabinet and/or binder. Once a project is finished and if certain papers are no longer needed, recycle or trash, or file away to a more permanent location.

3) Organize your billing system. Keep your own money management system in Microsoft Excel, or something similar. Using an accountant and/or Quickbooks is a simpler way to save headaches!

4) Organize and protect those cords!

5) Organize the desk drawer. Organize your desk drawer with smaller bins, and make important items easy to access during your day. (Items such as pens, stapler, stamps, check book, envelopes, business cards, paper clips, change, etc. will all come in handy!)

6) Personal items. Uncover your personal items from that pile of papers. Have a couple photos of your family, spouse, friends, sister on your desk to bring a smile on your face. Have a lotion that smells nice. Have Pandora playing on your computer regularly. Have quotes that inspire you tacked on your board.

7) Organize and regroup your calendar, and to do lists. If your current calendar and/or to do list system isn’t working for you, revamp it. Time to purchase a new calendar and notebook; it works wonders!

8) Cleanup your inbox. Most of our email inboxes resemble a beast that we’d rather not tackle, but now is the time! Unsubscribe to emails you no longer want to see in your inbox. File emails you want to hold onto into folders. Respond to emails that you’ve been putting off.