k-state gameday

The countdown started at 100 days (at least the earliest official countdown that I saw). 3 1/2 months ago people were already getting STOKED for the opening game of the 2013-2014 K-State football season. What is it that has K-State fans waiting like little kids do on Christmas Eve for Santa Clause? Is it because we won the Big 12 Championship last season? Or because of the new construction on the Bill Snyder Family Stadium?

All those factors contribute to the excitement and hype, no doubt. But K-State football is much more than that to the loyal purple and white.

It’s the tradition, the history, that brings K-Staters to this level of excitement. It’s about the students being back in town, swarming campus and Aggieville. It’s about the cool fall weather that will soon set it in (definitely not today) that reminds us all of football season. It’s about the tailgating; grilling outside the stadium with friends, listening to the pre-game on the radio. It’s about Willie doing the K-S-U before the game to get the crowd jacked.

It’s about the marching band, and hearing their crisp trumpets and loud drums as they play the fight song and the Wabash. It’s about watching Coach Snyder and his Wildcat team take the field from the locker room. It’s about the opening kickoff and the first sounds of helmets cracking together. And finally, it’s about VICTORY, and watching the Wildcats succeed throughout the season.

GAMEDAY in Manhattan is about much more than just a new stadium. It’s a chance for K-State fans to drop their busy everyday lives, sit back and enjoy an activity together with 10s of thousands of their closest FAMILY. So when you breathe in that 100 degree heat today, think of all the great past times and traditions that get you so excited for this upcoming K-State football season.