Prime rental season is upon us!  Have you found a place to live yet? Are you struggling to find what you’re looking for?  What considerations are you making in your decision to find the best rental ?

Finding and choosing the perfect rental for you and/or your family is a difficult choice.  There are many factors to consider, with a different amount of importance placed on each criteria.  Some of the most important criteria for choosing your rental should be:

  • Number of Rooms. How many people will be living in your home? How many bathrooms would be ideal? Do you need an extra room for an office? These are all important questions to ask when hunting for available rentals.
  • Rental Price. The price of the rental is often the greatest factor that tenants consider when choosing a place to live.  Don’t forget though, the rental price is not the only cost you’re incurring. You’ll also need to consider whether the rental has a washer/dryer or whether you will need to supply your own, how much are you going to spend per month on utilities (you will want to ask the landlord what the average cost of utilities is for the property), will you need to buy any furniture, etc. Another large expense that tenants often forget to take into account is the deposit money; remember, you’ll be without that money for the duration of your lease!  If you have pets, you will likely also have to pay a pet deposit and monthly pet fee.
  • Location. Where do you drive to everyday for work? Where do you take your kids to school? Being close to the place you travel most can be extremely vital, and save you money on gas! Not to mention, the farther away you live from your destinations, the more time you will be spending on traveling.
  • Pets.  Do you have pets? Make sure that each rental you look at allows pets, and more specifically your type of pet.
  • Other Amenities. If you are an outdoors person, you will probably want to find rentals that have a yard, deck/patio or other outdoor space for you to enjoy. Make a list of amenities that you’d like to have.  They will likely not all be possible to get, so make sure to put them in order of importance.
  • Neighborhood. What type of neighbors would you like to have?  You may not have a lot of choice sometimes, but if you have a family you will not want to live in a neighborhood with a large number of rowdy college students.  On the flipside if you are single and like to make a little noise in the evening, you better not live next to someone that will be bothered by your lifestyle.

My advice, take the above criteria and any other considerations that are important to you and write them down in a list. Then, take your list and number each item in the order of importance you would like to see in your rental.  Once you have this list, finding the right rental for you will be easier, take less time and you will be pleased with your choice in the end.

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