There are a few certainties in life; death, taxes and change. Change is everywhere and it’s constant. Whether or not you recognize or adopt change when you see is up to you!

One of the most noticeable changes we encounter is the changing of the seasons. Living in Kansas, our seasons seem to “change” about 3 times a week (if you know what we mean). Today it’s hot and this weekend is going to be even hotter, but what about 2 weeks from now? We’re in September, which means Fall should be just around the corner. What are some of the changes you like about Fall? Here’s our list of the good and the bad of Fall:

The Good

Seeing the beautiful fall leaves.


The Bad

Having to rake those beautiful fall leaves out of your yard (often more than once).


The Good

Watching K-State football.


The Bad

Losing to North Dakota State University the first game of the season.


The Good

Cooler weather, great for being outdoors.


The Bad

The unpredictable first frost of the year.


The Good

Picture perfect fall sunsets.


The Bad

The days start getting shorter.


Are you ready for fall to be here?