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Hi! My name is Lauren, and I own a wedding and event planning company in Manhattan, Lauren Heim Weddings + Events. I was honored to be asked to write a guest post for Advanced Property Management today! Fall is my absolute favorite season for so many reasons: everything pumpkin, changing and falling leaves, football, apple cider, hot chocolate, cooler weather, baking, scarves and cozy blankets. The list could go on and on. Since fall is a very busy season for most people, myself included, I made a point to make a fall bucket list this year. I didn’t want to miss any of my favorite fall traditions, and I’d like to share my bucket list with you!

Lauren’s fall bucket list:

1) Get pumpkins. My first and favorite tradition of fall is getting pumpkins. I love the hunt of finding the perfect pumpkin for our home. There are so many more options available now too! White pumpkins, grey pumpkins and I’ve even seen pink pumpkins! We purchased our pumpkins from Westside Market in Manhattan, and they had an incredible selection. There are lots of options for purchasing pumpkins locally! Most of the grocery stores carry a large amount, Eastside and Westside Markets, A&H Farm and Britt’s Garden Acres (not only do both have pumpkins, they have many fall activities for families!).

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2) Decorate home for fall. There are many ways you can decorate your home seasonally on a small budget. Place mini pumpkins on a cake stand on the counter, get a pumpkin or autumn candle, DIY some fall wall art, change up and decorate your mantle. Below are a couple of chalkboard signs I created for our home for fall!

photo 2          photo 3

3) Visit Louisburg Cider Mill. This was a family tradition that I plan to continue for many, many years to come. It’s the perfect fall day trip to Louisburg, KS! The cider and cider donuts are well worth the drive.

4) Attend a K-State football game. Go ‘Cats! In the newly renovated Bill Synder Family Stadium, surrounded by 50,000 of your closest family and friends, is there anything better?

5) Bake new pumpkin recipes (and bake my first pie!). Baking is a fun hobby for me, and I like to try new recipes for family and friends. Pinterest is my go-to for new recipes. {Any other Pinterest addicts out there?} So far, I have made a pumpkin coffeecake that turned out really well! Last year my favorite was pumpkin snickerdoodles. I’m excited to try more pumpkin recipes in the next few weeks! My mother-in-law is an excellent cook, and happens to be a pie-baking expert. This year I also want to attempt make my first homemade pie!

6) Roast s’mores over a fire! Ooey gooey s’more goodness and the smell of a bonfire: perfect Saturday night.

7) Hand out candy on Halloween to the kids in our neighborhood!

8) Visit the local farmer’s marketOur local farmer’s market is the best! On Saturday mornings, it’s set up near the mall, and on Wednesday evenings it’s set up at Cico Park. Check it out!

9) Rake leafs (and have fun doing it!). Good exercise, and can be fun with your spouse or family!

10) Watch a scary movie on Halloween. I don’t like scary movies, but in honor of Halloween this year, I’m going to try!

11) Take walk in the crunchy leaves. Savor the little moments, like walking in the leaves this fall.

12) Be thankful. Enjoy and be grateful for the little things this fall. Be thankful for family, friends, holidays and our many blessings.

I’d like to know what’s on your fall bucket list? If you haven’t made one yet, get your paper and pen out, and go enjoy this wonderful season!

Thanks for having me today!

//Lauren Heim

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