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What part  of Manhattan do you live in? Is there an area of town that you prefer over the others? We set out to determine which area of Manhattan is best to live in, the East side, West side or Central Manhattan.  We took a look at housing, schools, parks and amenities for both sides, and have compiled the results for you. Here’s what we found.

Manhattan Housing

With a large rental market, Manhattan has a huge variety of housing options available everywhere you go. On the West side of town, there are more larger, executive style housing. The West side of Manhattan also offers closer access to Fort Riley, making for a quicker commute. The East side of town overall has slightly cheaper housing options, with many quality 2 and 3 bedroom properties. Central Manhattan is primarily student housing, with it’s easy access to K-State’s campus and Aggieville. Some students also enjoy living on the North side of campus, due to it’s proximity to the K-State athletic stadiums.

RESULT: In this category, it is hard to determine which area of town is best. Depending on your current lifestyle (student, military or otherwise) really determines which part of Manhattan is best for you housing wise.


Living within a certain school districts is often a deciding factor for many families. Fortunately, Manhattan has several top-notch school districts to choose from. On the East side of Manhattan, the Woodrow Wilson Elementary school is regarded as one of the finest in Manhattan. The West side of town offers another excellent option in the Amanda Arnold Elementary school. As for Central Manhattan, it is not in competition with other areas of town, since it is primary college students that want to live close to K-State.

RESULT: For the most part, it is inconclusive which area of town has the best schools. Both the East and West side of Manhattan has great options for elementary schools to send your children to.


It’s always nice to live close to a park so that you have easy access to entertainment. Central Manhattan offers the large, City Park, which boasts a new swimming pool, tennis courts and a mile long sidewalk great for walking and running. It’s ideal for families and college students who are seeking activity. The West end of Manhattan has CiCo park which contains a swimming pool, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, a fitness trail, an off the leash dog park and a playground. The East side of Manhattan contains a couple smaller parks in the Northview Park and Northeast Community Park. The Northview park has a swimming pool, playground and baseball field. The Northeast Community Park currently offer picnic tables and a walking trail, with expansion plans to include playgrounds.

RESULT: We are going to give the upper hand in this category to the Central and West areas of Manhattan, as they offer larger parks with more amenities.


The final category we looked at was the other attractions and amenities that each part of Manhattan has to offer. If you live on the West side of town, you are closer to the public golf coarses (Colbert Hills, Stagg Hill and Wildcat Creek). The West side of Manhattan also has several well known eating establishments, such as Willie’s, Panera Bread, and Mr. K’s Cafe & Bar. In addition, the movie theatre and Target are also located right along Seth Child road. And don’t forget, the Sunset Zoo is a highlight of the area as well.

The main attraction in Central Manhattan is Aggieville. With it’s wide arrangement of restaurants, shopping and nightlife, it’s the place to be if you’re looking to go out. Being within walking distance of so many amenities is a big advantage.

East Manhattan offers it’s own collection of activities and restaurants. One large and new attraction is the Flint Hills Discovery Center, which showcases the history of our area. There are more big box stores accessible on the East side, such as Best Buy and Staples. With the new development, there are several new restaurants as well; Olive Garden, Longhorns Steakhouse, Texas Roadhouse, Wheat State pizza and more. Historic Downtown Poyntz is also geographically closer to the East side of Manhattan, and it offers it’s own variety of restaurants and shops. The other activity that you will find on the East side of Manhattan is Tuttle Creek lake and State Park.

RESULT: Each area of Manhattan has it’s own unique amenities and things to do. Depending on what hobbies you have can help you decide which areas you like best. With Manhattan not being very big, there’s really no amenity that’s farther than a 10 minute drive from whatever area of town you live in.

Manhattan offers so many things to do, places to eat and abundant housing options that each area of town is convenient to live in. It all boils down to what is right for you and your family.

We’d enjoy hearing which part of town you live on, and what you like about your area!  Leave us a comment below!