Earth Day 2014

It’s Earth Day! What have you been doing this past year to protect our earth and resources? We could all do a better job of maintaining the Earth, so that it is around for generations to come. Here’s some suggestions to help do your part in protecting our planet.

1. Bike to places. Instead of driving your car everywhere, consider riding your bike when it’s nice out. If everyone rode their bike, even one day a week, think of how much oil and pollution we would save! (Not to mention we would all be in a little better shape).

2. Avoid water bottles. Water bottles use a lot of plastic. Instead, buy refillable water bottles to take with you on the go.

3. Recycle. If you don’t recycle, now is the time to start. Sure, it may cost a couple extra dollars a month, but it’s well worth it to save our planets resources. Not to mention, landfills are growing in size by the day.

4. Change your light bulbs. Swap out your old light bulbs for high efficiency ones. They cost more up front, but you’ll make up the difference in electricity savings, which helps use less resources for the environment.

5. Use less paper. Paper towels, toilet paper and other paper products are easily wasted. Cut down on your consumption, and save a few trees.

BONUS POINTS!: If you really want to help save the environment, consider installing solar panels to power your home, or even adopt a portion of a highway to keep it clean!