Everyone got a taste of summer this past week and weekend.  The humidity alone made the temperature feel uncomfortable.  As most people have likely turned on their A/C, you will have the pleasant surprise of seeing your energy bills jump next month.  There are other ways to help cool down your home besides your A/C though, which will save you dollars each month.  Here are 4 things you can do, to keep your home cool without your A/C:

  1. Cover the windows/doors. When the sun shines through your windows or doors into your house, it turns your house into a sauna.  All you need to do is close the blinds and/or window treatments to keep the sun out during the day.  If the sun is not directly shining in on a certain window or door, then it’s ok to leave it open.  But make sure to cover those same doors and windows at the time of the day when the sun IS shining in through them!
  2. Turn off unneeded electronics.  Computers, TVs and other electronics all heat up their surroundings. This may seem like a minute amount of heat, but it can have a significant effect on your energy bills. If you’re not using an appliance or even your lights, make sure to shut them off, and your house will be cooler!
  3. Fans.  If it gets a little stuffy in your house, you likely don’t need to turn down the thermostat.  Most of the time a little air movement will do the trick.  Running fans is less expensive than your A/C trying to keep the entire house cool.
  4. Open the windows when it’s cool.  In the mornings, evenings or anytime during the day when the temperature outside is lower than the temperature in your house, open your windows and let the cool air come in.  This can help your house cool down quickly.  As the temperature starts to rise outside again, make sure to get all of your windows and doors closed, so that you may maintain your home’s cool temperature.