Your kitchen is one of the easiest rooms in your home to get dirty. It can also be one of he hardest rooms in the entire house to get clean. There are so many surfaces in your kitchen that it takes a long time to do a deep cleaning. However, we’ve found some products and techniques that will help you deep clean your kitchen in a more efficient manner.

  • Getting the microwave clean. How many people think this is the WORST job to do? To make it not so bad, try filling a microwavable cup or bowl with water, and microwaving it for 10 minutes. Once it’s done, carefully remove the cup or bowl from the microwave and wipe out the microwave with paper towels. If you microwave is extremely dirty, you may need to microwave the water a couple times. This is though an efficient method to getting your microwave clean.
  • Cleaning stovetops. If you have a flat, electric style stove top you know that they often become stained or have splatters that won’t come off. Try using some ‘stovetop’ cleaner to get these stains and splatters out. Make sure that it’s the correct type of stovetop cleaner and follow the directions.
    stove top cleaner
  • Cleaning stainless steel pots, pans and sinks. If you have stainless steel cookware or a stainless steel sink, you know what they can look like over time. A great product that we’ve found to work that will restore the shine is Bar Keepers Friend.
    bar keepers friends
  • Cleaning between the stove and the countertop. Crumbs always get caught in the small crack between your oven and countertops. The best way to get it clean is to use a wet paper towel or disinfecting wipe and a butter knife to get down into the crack.
  • Cleaning the shelves of your fridge and freezer. You can get the shelves and drawers of your refrigerator or freezer clean by washing them with baking soda and hot water.

If you have other tips for deep cleaning your kitchen, we’d love to hear about them! Leave us a comment below or email us at