dangerous items in your home

Safety is number one with our company. We do all we can to ensure the properties we manage are safe for our tenants. Small details often get overlooked in homes, especially rental homes, and we’d like to inform you of some of the most dangerous items to be aware of.

  • Exposed electrical wiring. Exposed electrical wires are an obvious danger. Make sure to cover them properly, even if you think they are out of reach!
  • Black mold. Water damage is extremely common, whether it’s from rain or a leaky shower head. Black mold will form on the walls and especially in corners. If you see fungus like matter on your walls or smell something bad, get it fixed right away! It’s a danger to you and your families health.
  • Carbon Monoxide. Leaking gas can often be undetectable by humans. Although it is not required in the state of Kansas for single home rental properties, ensure that you put carbon monoxide detectors in your home.
  • Radon. Speaking of deadly gas, Radon is a serious problem. Even if you don’t have a basement in your home, you can still have dangerous levels of Radon. Make sure you get your home tested periodically.
  • Flammable items. Gas cans, household cleaners and other items should be properly stored in your home or garage, and kept away from open flames. Seems obvious but you’d be surprised how many people are careless with flammable materials.
  • Locks. If you have a broken lock, especially on a door or window on the outside of your home, get it fixed immediately! Broken locks are a gateway for burglars to enter.
  • Shaking ceiling fans. Hear or see your ceiling fan shaking? Tighten up the screws. If a ceiling fan happens to fall off, it can kill someone standing underneath of it.
  • Pets. One of the MOST OVERLOOKED dangers of a home is a pet. Your pet may not necessarily be a danger to you, but if cornered may bite a stranger passing by. Take appropriate measures to keep your pet away from guests and people passing by.

For more tips on how you can keep your home safe, contact us at craig@advancedpropmanagement.com.