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The rental market in Manhattan, Junction City and the surrounding areas is ever changing. With the K-State calendar year, spring and summer tend to be extremely busy. The influxes at Ft. Riley also make our rental market strong, with the ability to rent properties all year long. The question is, what does the rental market look like currently.

Since the end of summer and start of the school year, the rental market has slowed down considerably. Manhattan has slightly more activity than the Junction City area, as there has not been in increase families on Ft. Riley recently. There is a chance of an increase in troops at Ft. Riley in the near future, which would change the dynamics of the current rental market. Continue to check with us for updates!

If you are looking to get your property rented right now, you are at a serious disadvantage if you don’t allow pets. Properties that allow pets extend your market to hundreds more people, and therefore have a much higher chance of being rented. As for sizes of properties being rented right now, it’s all across the board. We still have several 2 and 3 bedroom homes for rent, but have rented a few out recently. Larger family homes are rentable year long, since they are targeting larger families moving to the area.

If your thinking about renting your property, give us a call at 785.320.7977 and we will be happy to discuss the opportunities available in more detail.