woman doing housekeeping

We’ve all been there; there’s a pile of dirty dishes in the sink and it takes you an hour to clean them. Or, you start to clean your house on a Saturday and end up spending the entire day cleaning!  What could you be doing with all of that time instead of cleaning?

Unless you are able to hire a cleaning person to come in once a week, you would probably like to be able to clean your home faster and more efficiently.  If so, here’s the key to being able to do that: do small amounts of cleaning every day.  “Cleaning every day? I don’t even have time to clean once a week!”  Is that what you are thinking?  It’s really much easier than you might imagine; spending 10 minutes a day cleaning can save you hours in the long run.

One of the reasons it takes people so long to clean their homes is that they have to “de-clutter” each room before they can actually clean.  Here’s a simply task you can do every day that only takes a couple minutes, and will keep your home de-cluttered: use the “touch it once” rule.  Anytime you pick something up, take an item to another room, take off your coat, get the mail, or handle any other physical item, make sure that you only touch that item one time! Put the item back where it belongs immediately! When you bring the mail in, sort it immediately!  This will keep you more organized, and will save you time.

Another helpful tip to saving yourself time cleaning is to make a schedule.  If you have a cleaning schedule, it’s easy to look at that schedule every day and do your daily cleaning task in a few minutes.  There are hundreds of sample cleaning schedules you can find online.  The key is to do one or two tasks a day.  For instance, make Monday’s your “dusting” day. Unless you live in a giant home, dusting likely won’t take you longer than 10 minutes.

Stay on top of a cleaning schedule, and you’ll be amazed at how efficient you are at cleaning and how much time you save! Not to mention, your home will be cleaner, which has a direct effect on your happiness by making you feel more relaxed at home.  If you have a family or roommates, have them pitch in with the cleaning schedule as well. Remember, “many hands make light work”.