child safety gate

Safety in the home for your children is vitally important. Here are a few tips to help child-proof your home:

1. Locking. Lock doors, cabinets and any other areas you don’t want your child to get into. Especially areas that are particularly dangerous, such as medicine cabinets and areas where you store cleaners or other toxic items.
2. Safety Gates. Use safety gates to block off areas of the home and stairs so that your child doesn’t take a fall.
3. Corner pads. Padding on the corners of walls and other sharp edges will prevent your child from getting hurt if they bump their head.
4. Electrical Outlets. Any unused electrical outlets should be covered with outlet covers.
5. Pools and ponds. If your yard has a pool or pond, there needs to be a safety fence surrounding it to keep your child from drowning.
6. Door knob covers. Purchase door knob covers so that your child cannot access unwanted rooms.

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