time to improve

If you follow the Wildcats, you’ve been undoubtedly depressed with the way the season has unfolded thus far. K-State’s football team is well below .500, and is constantly making mistakes. Many are wondering “where is the Bill Snyder like team from the past?”

While the season may seem hopeless, there is some lessons to learn that especially apply in the business world.

Like this year’s football team, people are going to make mistakes. K-State has had a high number of penalties and turnovers this season, which is uncharacteristic of a Bill Snyder coached team. In business, you need to plan for mistakes to happen in your company. People are human, which means they will make a few mistakes. It’s how you deal with those mistakes that determines which direction you will go.

Focus on doing each task to the best of your ability. To make up for and prevent the mistakes, K-State’s football team works hard on doing the small tasks to perfection. It’s noticeable, because K-State has gotten better each game they’ve played this season. Likewise in business, your company will be a well oiled machine if each one of your employees do their tasks to perfection. Soon enough you will see mistakes become less frequent.

It takes commitment from each team member. If even one person on K-State’s offensive line doesn’t do their job, it creates problems and failures for the other 10 men on the field. You business runs the same way; if one person is not doing their job, the entire company will suffer. Keeping all of your team member on the same page requires excellent communication skills throughout the company. Make sure each person knows exactly what they should be doing.

Leadership. K-State IS getting better this season. One main reason is that there is development of leadership on the team. Certain teammates are stepping up and taking on leadership roles, which filters down through the rest of the team. In your company, you need to have a clear cut leader who is able to keep all the team members on track. This person is in charge of handling problems and focusing on how each team member is performing their daily tasks.

In the end, K-State’s season WILL turn around. They are getting better each and every week, and it is evident in the way they play. Your company too can become better each day by focusing on the small tasks, and performing to the best of its ability.