Before moving to a new rental unit, make sure to factor in the extra monthly costs to determine if it’s in your budget. Small monthly fees can easily add up! Check out this great article from Apartment Therapy.

A quick recap of monthly fees to check into before signing on the dotted line. Read the full article for more in depth tips!

1. Pet Rent

2. Transportation 

3. Parking

4. Laundry

5. Utilities 

6. Cable & Internet

7. Gym Membership

If you’re looking to cut back on monthly fees (who isn’t?!), consider doing without cable. There are many other options to watch your favorite shows at a lower cost such as Netflix, Hulu, itunes, Apple TV, and many websites even offer full episodes for free! You’ll thank yourself when you get your small bill for Internet only.

Purchase a few at-home gym items to save on the pricey monthly membership. When it’s nice out, walk or jog outside. When it’s not, or you’re not feeling like it, have a cardio, pilates or yoga DVD, hand weights, a floor mat and get your work out on! Save time commuting to a gym and waiting in line for a machine.

Depending on where you live, consider trading your car for a moped or scooter! Save on gas, and your unit may even have a discounted rate on smaller parking stalls.