We all know organizing takes time, which is why many of us avoid it. These seven organizing projects only take 15 minutes, but make a huge difference! Try one a day this week and see how much more organized, and better you feel!

1) Attack that mail pile. First, throw all of your mail on the floor. That’s right, go ahead and throw it in a pile on the floor! Sort your mail into the following piles: bills, magazines, personal, trash, coupons and miscellaneous. Once you have those piles, pay any outstanding bills and place the bills in your filing cabinet or designated place. Recycle or put magazines in their designated place. Recycle trash. Organize coupons in your wallet, coupon organizer or purse. And place personal mail that you want to hold on to (cards, etc.) in their designated place. Recycle or find a place for any miscellaneous mail!
2) Clean your car. Throw away and recycle all trash. Vacuum seats. Wipe down console, and sanitize buttons and handles. Clean windows. Have a designated bin for items that need to stay in the car such as first aid kit, tissues, water bottles, blanket, tools to change a tire, etc. Having a designated bin for these items help them from flying all over the trunk and creating a mess!
3) Closet overhaul. Make a ‘donate pile’ for any clothes you haven’t worn in six months. Turn your hangers the opposite way. Whenever you wear an item after that, you can face the hangers the regular way. Recheck your hangers after another 3-6 months, and anything that hasn’t been worn, recycle again. Make sure the clothes in your closet reflect the current season. Any clothes that don’t reflect the current season, store away in bins. Vacuum out the bottom of the closet, and wipe down your shoes. Don’t forget to plan out your outfits for the week! It will save you so much time in the mornings!
4) Organize your desk. If you work from home, or do any kind of business from home, this is especially important. Or do this same 15-minute organization of your desk at the office! First, recycle and throw away any trash. Organize important papers, and put them in the correct place. Wipe down your desk, phone, pens, computer and keyboard with sanitizing wipes. Also, make sure you have some sentimental items on your desk that make you happy! Pandora on your computer, pictures of your spouse and family, and quotes tacked on your bulletin board.
5) Attack your inbox. Delete unimportant emails you won’t need to reference again, trash and spam folders. Reply to urgent emails. If you don’t already have email folders, create them, and then sort important emails into folders. Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails.
6) Organize your purse, tote or computer bag. Dump contents out on the floor, and wipe out or vacuum the inside. Toss and recycle items you no longer need. Use smaller pouches to organize contents. Have a small makeup bag for powder, lip balm, hand sanitizer, etc. Have a small pouch or accordion file for coupons.
7) Linen closet. Refold towels and sheets that have gotten unfolded. Have a basket at the bottom of the closet for toilet paper or dirty towels. Have a basket for guests that includes extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, etc., that they may need while staying with you.