Does your extra “stuff” from your house seem to end up in your garage?  Probably so.  Getting the garage organized is a daunting task, but a rewarding one.  Here are 5 tips to help get your garage organized.

1. Start one Saturday by clearing the garage clutter. Garages tend to accumulate clutter over the years with all of the items that don’t have a home. Start clearing the clutter by separating your items into the following piles: keep, sell, donate or trash.
2. Use all four walls. Have proper shelving. Use a pegboard or small hooks for storing tools. If you have a lot of paint, try hanging a shoe organizer on the wall for storage! Use basic hooks on the wall for rakes, shovels, brooms, etc. Store bikes up high on the ceiling.
3. Group “friends” together. Keep the seasonal, automotive, outdoor, sports, hardware, gardening and craft items, etc., in groups together, so that it’s easy to remember their location and access at a moment’s notice.
4. Everything should have a designated place. Labels and bins are great options, especially for families with children. If everything has a designated place, it makes it simple to return every item to its place after use.
5. Every year, don’t forget to clean the garage! The garage usually gets overlooked during spring cleaning. It’s the perfect time to clear the clutter and deep clean. Clean the floors, dust the shelves, clean the tools and equipment, etc.
If you have tips on organizing your garage, we’d love to hear them!  Leave us a comment below!