The weatherman says we’re going to reach 80 degrees tomorrow! Do you have plans with your family yet? After the long winter, most people are eager to get out and enjoy the warmer temperatures. So what is there to do in Manhattan? Here are 5 outdoor activities to consider.

1. Explore ‘Top of the World’. Located about a mile north of Manhattan along Seth Child road is Washington Marlatt Memorial Park, or better known as Top of the World. There are walking trails to explore and a great view of the entire city.

2. Go golfing. Manhattan offers several public golf courses, including Wildcat Creek, Stagg Hill and Colbert Hills. If you have small kids, take them to the driving range and let them hit a few balls. Wildcat Creek also offers and 18 hole putt putt course.

3. Go fishing. Within a 15 to 20 minute drive, you can be at one of several small lakes that surround Manhattan. Gather up a couple fishing rods and enjoy the sun while sitting by the lake. Even if the fish aren’t biting, it’s still relaxing!

4. Take a bike ride. Manhattan is becoming a very bike friendly community, and boasts several bike trails to ride on. One of the most popular is linear trail, which spans much of the city. See a map here.

5. Hike the Konza. One of the most iconic Manhattan activities is to hike the Konza Prairie trails located just a few miles south of Manhattan on highway 177. There are three trails to explore, one that is 2.5 miles long, one that is 4.4 miles long and another that is 6.0 miles long.