Your rental property has been sitting on the market for 60 days or more. What is going on? Why is it not renting? Here are the top 5 reasons we see as to why your rental is not getting rented.

1. Cleanliness. The biggest reason a rental property sits vacant is that it is dirty. When you do a showing, what do your prospective tenants see? Dirty carpets? Mold? Stains on walls or floors? Clean your rental from top to bottom, until it SPARKLES with cleanliness!

2. Move-in ready. Who is going to move into a property that is not move-in ready? Before listing the property for rent, ensure that everything is in working order and ready for someone to take possession immediately.

3. Curb appeal. The first step to getting someone through the front door is to get them past the outside of your property. What does it look like? Is the yard filled with trash or the grass a foot tall? While you don’t need extravagant landscaping, a clean, well maintained exterior and yard will go a long way with first impressions.

4. Marketing. How are you advertising your rental? Do you have a yard sign? Is your rental listed online? Rentals can sit idle for many months if they are not advertised properly. Consider using multiple advertising outlets to market your rental effectively.

You also need to advertise the most important details about your property. Let people know what amenities your rental offers over most others. What is special about your property that would make someone decide to rent from you?

5. Price of rent. Pricing yourself out of the market can also lead to your rental sitting vacant. Have you done comparisons on what similar properties are renting for in your area? Do your research to determine a fair rent price for your property.

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